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It is always a joy for me to help you, to accompany you, to also give you back this fair image of yourself, the one that is too often stolen from us in our society, to restore your confidence, and soothe the suffering in you. .


This step on your part is the strength to take you in hand and lead you to a better life you can be proud of.

In life morally we expose ourselves to people who love us and it does us good, physically we expose ourselves to doctors and it relieves us, but sometimes none of this works anymore so we look for another solution.


It is at this moment that I am there for you, like thousands of therapists whatever the discipline, because since the origin of the world man has known that he can treat man, man knows that he must raise Man, and this is mainly my mission here.




Place called Le Charbonneau in L'Epernelle

49120 Cossé-D'Anjou

Thank you for what you sent !

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