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Welcome to the musical entertainment section for quiet and peaceful time.

I practice music since my youngest age, trumpeter then guitarist I have the passion to write my songs for more than 18 years. By having had the joy of making it my job in 2009, 2010, 2011 and 2012 by performing in quotation marks in the street in front of shopping centers and at garage sales. Strong memories of the people who followed me and who bought my CD albums. Music is a sharing and also a magnetism. This is why I come to associate it with my job as a magnetizer. Music heals by what it transmits but also in what it gives us the opportunity to evacuate evils. Most of these songs can be found on a cd album that I released as music therapy. It is on sale and I send in bubble letter throughout France.

You can find this album and its price in the shop of my website.

I wish you a pleasant listening and all the good in the world.

Pierre Belloir

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